Monday, May 7, 2012


It's been a while...

Let me catch you up:

December wasn't so good. I was sick for all of it and January, too. Before you ask, yes, I'm pregnant. But then, morning sickness doesn't last six months, so...  I really don't have much of an excuse for not blogging (journaling) regularly except that my soul was so starved for sunlight and exercise this winter that I feel like I'm recovering from a massive trauma.

But things are looking up, except that whenever the weather is not so good, I sort of suffer from PTSD and relapse. Luckily, the nice days have outnumbered the bad, hence, I'm alive a little bit more than I was a month ago.

So, onto life:

Last night Ryan and the boys and I drove home from Twin Falls where my dad officially celebrated a long and successful career as a dentist. I could write a whole blog on how his work ethic has affected my life, but I'll save that for another day (in six months???). Getting the boys to bed was a top priority for Ryan and I after hearing two hours of teasing, yelling, and in general, 4 and 5 year old rebelliousness rearing its head. So, I summoned every ounce of patience I had left (after sternly lecturing the boys on "listening the first time"), read stories, tucked them in and ran out the bedroom door to the bath tub. (Ryan was running a quick errand at the time, so I had the whole quiet house to myself.) As I stripped down and put in bath salts, I heard a couple of small voices outside my bathroom door saying "Mom, we had nightmeers." (I think it's cute that they mispronounce some words.) It had been literally 4 minutes since I left their room, so I knew their "nightmeers" were fabrications. But, like the good mom I am, I gave them hugs and put them back to bed. (Okay, maybe I didn't hug them.) Then, just as in the past, whenever I'm frustrated and at the end of my rope with the boys, they do something that makes me laugh and wonder how I'd ever get along without them. Josh starts twitching and saying "owowow" and groans, "Mom, I'm having another nightmeer." Totally confused now, I ask him, "What is a nightmeer?" He replies, "You know, when the full moon is out and it makes us turn into a monster!"

Yes, indeed, they are monsters. But funny ones.


  1. Caleb still says "upsi-fall-down" instead of up side down. I don't correct him because I think it's cute. Maybe when he graduates from high school. . .