Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Aren't I awesome?

Having the boys gone for nearly a month...well, it was hard. I hated having my family split up, even for just a few weeks. But, as they say (I'm pretty sure), "That's how the cookie rolls!" (I love mixing metaphors.)

I missed things like Josh taking me on a tour of the Dinosaur Park in Ogden saying things like "Don't touch that. It's the itchylickitus. It will make you itchy for days." Or "This dinosaur was from 1982" (a very long time ago). I missed knowing where he is emotionally and physically. And knowing that I've got a plan for dealing with his various issues, whatever they are. Same goes for Emmett. Understanding your children, I've found, doesn't come naturally. It takes a lot of time and thinking and effort.

Oh, and Emmett. He's the funniest kid. Seriously, funnyness just comes out of him. When he was a baby and just learning how to walk, he could make people laugh by just stepping 5 steps in a row. That's talent. Lately, he's been discovering his own self-worth, which I find very endearing--and sometimes downright hilarious. Like when he found his toy under the driver's side seat and proudly announced it with an "Aren't I awesome, Mom??"

So, anyway, they were gone FOREVER (= 3 1/2 weeks). I would find myself bursting into uncontrollable, sobbing tears in random places like the garden or the shower or the church's restroom. But I got myself through it, and this is how:

New baby coming = nowhere for toys or playing. So, I
1. Kicked the cats out. (Ahhhhhh...) (It might be a pregnancy thing. Because I didn't dislike them this much last year.) (Arg. Cats. They throw up, and stink, and jump on your lap like it's their property, and tear up carpet, and get their hair all over you when they rub up against your leg...bleh. Lindsay, I love you, but I don't know how you do it.)
2. Cleaned up junk and old furniture and stuff and either donated it or threw it out.
3. Cleaned up old cat carpet. (I probably should have used a face mask for that. My throat was itchy for days.) (Oh yeah, I think I'm allergic to cats, just to throw that in.)
4. Made a plan.
5. Painted cement floor in basement.
6. Put up old fabric to cover insulation.
7. Trip to Lowe's. They cut the long cuts for me on their vertical table saw. (Pretty cool set up.)
8. Built and painted three cabinets/shelving units (Really, this should be about 18 steps, because it took the longest.)
9. Bought $35 couch from DI. It's in pretty good shape.
10. Had Ryan do all the heavy lifting.
11. Oh yeah, built a chalk board out of left over backing and 2x4s. And chalk paint, of course.
12. Imagined curtains (because I haven't put them up yet.)
13. And, of course, transplanted all the toys from the baby's room to the new play room. (That probably deserves more than one step, too.)

Here's the result:

Aren't I awesome?

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  1. I thought I left a comment before. I don't know what happened to it. ANYWAY awesome job, it looks great! I can't wait to see it in person. Now stop working so hard.