Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting started

Yesterday morning, I was trying (unsuccessfully) to download my new camera's pictures to my old computer (Help! Jeremy? Anyone?), and I realized two things: why I have waited so long to start a blog (technologically challenged--see above), and why I need to start a blog. After failing said photo download, I gave up and just looked at the pictures already there. In no time at all, I had Josh and Emmett crowded on my lap, begging to see their own pictures and videos. I kind of peeked under Emmett's armpit to navigate with the mouse to the pictures they wanted. Josh probably could have done it for me, but I'm sorry, I can't let my 5 year old pass me in my technological skills. (It won't be long, though...) By 9:24am, I had to drag them away from the computer to get Josh to preschool. I noticed something, though. Josh and Emmett seemed to join each other in a new, unspoken brotherhood of nostalgia. (Who knew that a three year old could feel nostalgic?) Josh left for preschool saying "I love you Emmett. Be good, okay? I will really miss you." And Emmett replying, "I love you Josh. Have a good day in preschool! I will really miss him, Mom." (Except insert w sounds for most r's and all l's, as well as a pronounced lisp. I can't help thinking it's cute!) (Okay, I'll help them work on it.) (Another day.)

Point is, I don't want to forget this stuff! I can't believe that the time that I was the only one who could understand my baby even when he made no discernible English sounds is long gone, and that my two little squawling newborns have turned into this:
And this
And this
And, of course, I have a hot husband that many of my friends and family don't know as well as he deserves to be known, mainly due to the fact that we have only been married since June.
He's seriously wonderful!

Ryan has often told me how he wishes he were there when the boys were babies. Somehow, there is power in writing down memories and sharing them with family. So, I'm getting started!