Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Good news! Josh is riding his bike WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS! I'm so proud of him. But, surprisingly, the title of this blog does not refer to him...
Emmett was trying to keep up with his big brother and dad while we were out on a bike ride, but he just...couldn't...make...it. He was trying his hardest, though.

Okay, I have to insert a little information about Emmett. He is a little spacey when it comes to riding his bike. I'll be riding next to him, and find that I'm on the other side of the street because he DOES NOT drive in a straight line. He's more interested in watching how his training wheels work than in watching where he's going. In fact, I have a pretty good scar from when he rammed me from behind and ripped a part of the skin covering my calf off. (But that's another story. And kind of funny...Mostly because of the concerned neighbor who expressed her concern about my injury so long that blood actually congealed in my shoe.)

Anyway, back to Emmett. He was pedaling as fast as his little legs could carry him, but a momentary distraction hit him, and his bike got all twisted up. He flew over his handlebars as I watched, and landed flat on his nose. No really. Flat on his nose. No other part of his face touched the ground. In fact, the hit was so square on his nose that his nose didn't even get scraped. But it did start to bleed profusely. I jumped off my bike and held him on my shoulder (ruined shirt...but who cares about that?) while he screamed. For approximately 37 seconds. And then he hopped on his bike and took off down the road as he wiped the blood off his face with his hand.

Emmett doesn't let a whole lot bother him.

And Josh hasn't crashed once.


  1. That would be some great Halloween make-up!

  2. That story made me laugh really hard. Emmett makes me laugh really hard too. One time Ethan came home really sad because he had tripped outside in the dark and hit his huge (at the time) "bucker," as he calls it, on our neighbor's cement porch. Nothing else hit but his tooth. I laughed while he was crying. I'm nice like that.

  3. aww poor Emmett! That sounds painful!